Clear refer a friend is apparently is ficticious…

So I had a friend looking to buy a Clear WiMax device based on my review.  I had to call tech support because on of my modems is overheating and intermittently working.  On their tech support line it keeps repeating “Refer a friend to Clear and get a $25 American Express Gift Card”.  So apparent me being the naive consumer thinking I can actually take them up on this offer check my online account and eventually use their online chat support.

Brandy Foulke:  Thank you Sean, I do apologize you were mis-informed we 
currently do not have the refer a friend promotion, currently for our Clear 
Sean:  That's crap
Sean:  Your phone system keeps repeating the message that I can
Sean:  I was on the phone with your support TODAY
Brandy Foulke:  That is for Clearwire Customers not Clear, my apologies
Sean:  Is there a different support number for Clear?
(It goes on but the conversation goes nowhere)

So what ever happened to customer service?  You would think any company would want a new customer and be willing to give an existing customer something for the referral.  And if what the customer support rep tells me is correct then why do they keep playing these “refer a friend” messages on their support phone line even right now.

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One Response to “Clear refer a friend is apparently is ficticious…”

wewa December 29th, 2012 at 6:12 pm


I just had a friend ask if I had a referral code for Clear so when he signs up soon, we get credit.

I went back to my account and looked up my ‘refer a friend’ code, and when I use it, it says 404 Error.

So they make you get a code, then they kill of the referral code after awhile so that you don’t get any credit.

Why lie? Just stop giving false promotions. No wonder they got sued so much as Clearwire. They still haven’t learned their lesson.

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