My Wish List for the United States for 2013

So I’ve been reading through some old posts.  And perhaps a different take on my Bucket List I’m going to write a set of wishes that I wish the United States would take some action on for 2013.

  • Since the Death Star is out, can we at least think about sending a human to the Moon again?
  • Can we finally admit that Global Warming is a real without acknowledging junk science is somehow legitimate.
  • We need to fire a bunch of our elected officials.  There is no middle ground or negotiation for a certain party, so get over yourselves and quit thinking the fringe is the ‘real’ America.  The ‘real’ America never existed in the first place, let’s at least make this country better for everyone instead of sticking to rigid ideals on fiction.
  • Facebook is not real life, it’s perhaps a representation of your life, but it is not living.
  • We are no longer the greatest country in the world.  We need to accept that, and do something about it.
  • I wish the United States would pressure China into more monetary independence. American’s don’t deserve all the cheap stuff we have.  We don’t need manufactures building a new model of Microwave every year just because they are expected to.  We don’t seem to appreciate the stuff we have and are perhaps more about upgrading rather than really using it.


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