Rental Car Review: Chrevrolet Aveo (2nd Generation)


I do like the slightly bulgy body and it looks generally okay for a small car.  The interior is cheap and plastic-y


The car’s overall drivability is weird to say the least.  Oddly it feels fast.  The reason it feels fast though is the fact that you have to use most the gas pedal (I’d guess 70% of it) on a regular basis just to keep up with normal traffic speed.  There is this point in the rpm band where there is a higher torque.  So when your just driving around town your having to rev the engine up just to get above this line and actually accelerate.  As a result the acceleration is jerky.  It’s an odd car to drive because for normal commuter cars you generally only use 40-50% of the pedal but your constantly pushing it harder to keep up with traffic.


The ride is so smooth you’ll feel like your driving from the backseat.  The suspension is so soft it feels like your driving on top of a mattress.  Really it feels almost a rollover risk if you take a corner too quickly.


If I were spending my own money I’d never buy one.  I wouldn’t even buy a used one for cheap.  It is cheaply built, the ride is jerky and soft.  I can think of a dozen cheap used cars I’d rather have over one of these.

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