Apple’s so good they just have to show off, and we can’t help but fall for it

I like many techies have been enthralled with the new Macbook Pro with Retina display and watching the videos something has kind of struck me.  In that the design videos have not been readily copied by competitors.

So I think slowly Apple’s secret sauce is being replicated by competitors.  Mainly because it’s hard to argue with their market dominance.  I think the Samsung mega event to release the Galaxy S III was very much inspired by an Apple’s famous keynotes.

I will note other competitors have done design videos before.  Check out this 2010 Lenovo U260 Video.

But then compare this to Apple’s Macbook Air 2010 Video.

I think it’s pretty obvious there is a clear difference in production value.  Apple sure knows how to tell us why their product is so great and make you want their product even more.  They don’t pander to us and talk about value too much (like the Lenovo video) and they focus on the positive aspect and in many cases justify their design choices instead of telling you there were 100’s of material to choose from (seems very obvious there are 100’s of choices).  The Apple video is something you are much more engaged on and will watch through the end, and the Lenovo video I find myself skipping parts just because it’s so boring and mundane.

In the end I don’t think Jonathan Ive and Yingjin Yao’s job is all that different.  They design consumer products, have to make design decisions, figure out how to build them.  However, Apple sure makes it sound so much sexier than Lenovo does.  Sure it’s marketing, but it’s marketing so good it doesn’t feel like marketing.

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