Convert your Best Buy, Target, Staples gift cards / Reward Checks/Coupons to credit

So I found a rather curious loophole to convert your Best Buy, Target, Staples Gift Cards, Reward Zone/Check to credit.  There are many reasons you would want to do this, specifically avoiding taxes (in most states), and overall cheaper prices.  Since these gift cards are common gifts and you may not actually want to buy something at these stores Amazon certainly makes good sense for a lot of us.  As well as of late it seems as though there are deals every week at Target and Best Buy where you purchase and item and you get a store gift card with it.  So all of these stores sell Amazon Kindle branded gift cards.    There is no perceivable difference in these gift cards.  You can redeem them here (link on the right) and then spend the value on darn near anything you want that Amazon sells!

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