2010 Macbook Air 11.6″ Impressions

So I don’t want to get into a whole review and re-hash of what everyone else is saying.  However, here are some impressions I have gleamed from owning this machine for several hours which I have not read elsewhere.

  • Based on what the tech at the Apple Store said that the Mini DisplayPort does support Audio via HDMI adapter.  I did try to test this but apparently by Mini Displayport to HDMI adapter doesn’t support audio (I also tried this on my i5 Macbook Pro which does support this feature).
  • Not many people have mentioned that the trackpad is thinner in height than all the trackpads used on current generation Macbooks.
  • Macbook Air Trackpad Dimensions 4.12 x 2.45″ (compared to i5 Macbook Pro 4.12 x 3″)
  • The difference in trackpad dimensions are almost completely overlooked if your a regular user of one of the previous trackpads.
  • The “instant on” functionality does not work in Windows 7 via Boot Camp (see my previous video).
  • The system overall is surprisingly peppy given the 2GB of RAM.  Which is a case to stop reading the specs of a machine and simply use the machine in real world applications.
  • There is no ambient light sensor on this Macbook.
  • The icon/animation used for Spaces switch is widescreen.
  • The ports are angled to line up with the Macbook sitting level on a table (not level to the bottom of the notebook).
  • 85W Power Adapter (even older version) will work on the Macbook Air no problem.

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