Zenoss HTTPMonitor through Proxy Server

So if have a setup where you don’t have PAT translations inside of a network.  And you have an HTTP proxy server like squid, but would like to monitor a URL via Zenoss’s HTTPMonitor this is how you set it up.  See the screenshot below it’s fairly self explainatory.

Put the proxy server location in the Host Name field.

Supply the proxy port of the proxy server in the Port (Squid default = 3128)

In the URL field put in the normal URL you which to monitor.

If your proxy server requires authentication use the Basic Auth User / Password fields to under the login for the Proxy server.

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One Response to “Zenoss HTTPMonitor through Proxy Server”

Bob Dole November 1st, 2010 at 1:01 pm

Proxy credentials do not seem to get passed, I did a packet comparison of the checks from the Zenoss using the credentials as described above, using them from the command line via the -a setting and also from a curl command.

the curl command did correctly pass the credentials, however neither Zenoss function passed them

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