Badly refurbished Dell Vostro V13

So I got my refurbished Dell Vosto V13 Friday.  And I have to admit it is a very impressive machine.  I have been eyeing this machine ever since it was announced.  However, I’m a cheapskate and at least for Dell you can always get a machine cheaper on their outlet site.  So I just bided by time until I found the right deal.  Low and behold I find the deal on Tuesday and I ordered.

So I wish I took pictures of the machine as I got it.  But I have to admit I was rather annoyed.  It was sold as “Refurbished” however it really should have been sold as “Scratch & Dent”.  There are some significant scratches on the case, and it appears the tech whom refurbishes this particular machine should be fired or given some serious training in quality control.  So I booted it up went through the Windows 7 setup and the Wifi wouldn’t connect.  So I decided to open up the case.  And these are the issues.

  • Scratches all over the case, and some looks like a careless tech since it was scratches that originated from the screw holes (i.e. the tech had the screwdriver in place and slipped).
  • Wifi antennas were not connected to the card!
  • The bottom case was bulging out this was due to the fact that the clips on the back retainer were put on the wrong side.
  • 2 of the screws were put in the wrong place.  The screws on the back have a smaller head and the fact that there were put on the bottom vs. the back caused slight cracking of the surrounding plastic.

I have purchased several refurbished machines before and I’ve overall been fairly impressed.  Occasionally I’ve seen a scratch here and there.  But this machine by far was done very badly.  I wish I had the foresight to take pictures of the issue before fixing it all (which sum total only took 20 minutes).

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goldskies May 15th, 2010 at 2:51 pm

Did you take pictures of the scratches? How bad are they and why not post some pictures on your blog…

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